2020 https://2020.independentspaceindex.at/ Website for festival program
https://github.com/moevbiz/no-border-radius Browser extension to make the internet have corners again
https://chimera.is Representation channel for a transdisciplinary community-based platform
https://bingo.computer/ Browser bingo
https://haus.wien/ Website for a collaboratively organized annual exhibition format
https://katharinabrandl.at Portfolio
https://cherishhhh.ch Website for a project space in Geneva
https://spousevienna.com Website for a curatorial project
https://github.com/moevbiz/linkfish A Google Chrome extension to help organise bookmarks more consciously
2019 https://kulturherbst.riotfestival.at Interactive map for a festival program
https://hugozorn.com Website for an open structured platform for contemporary art
https://independentspaceindex.at/2019 Website for a festival program
https://brunomokross.de A personal website
https://lilyrobert.com Website for a gallery in Paris
https://weloveschool.org Website for a project space in Vienna
2018 https://independentspaceindex.at/2018/ Website for festival program
https://gazebo.site Website for an exhibition series in public pavilions
https://edinzenun.at Artist portfolio
2017 https://independentspaceindex.at Website for a networking initiative between independent art spaces in Vienna
http://kevinspace.org Website for a project space in Vienna
https://pinavienna.eu Website for a project space in Vienna